The Grass At The 49ers New Levi Stadium Is So Bad They Cancelled Practice

The San Francisco 49ers opened up brand new Levi’s Stadium last year after being at Candlestick Park for a very long time. The team had planned to have an open practice for fans to see on Sunday afternoon but because of poor playing conditions, the team has had to cancel the event. There was even a free random drawing for tickets to the event.

This is a public relations disaster for the team to say the least. First off, the field shouldn’t be in bad shape at all especially with the new NFL season just over a month away. The sod had to be replaced three times last season and is scheduled to be replaced another six or seven times this coming year. It may have been smarter to put Field Turf down.

If grass is having so much trouble taking hold there in the Bay Area, why would the 49ers put a grass field in to begin with? There are already water troubles as well in California which doesn’t help matters for the field to get the proper water it needs. The 49ers are going to annoy their fans a ton if things like this continues to happen. It’s not a good look for the team.

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