Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake Beef Appears On Dr. Dre’s Compton

In an era of rap where album sales are incredibly weak and aggressive lyrics have been replaced with melodic hooks in order to sell singles, it’s kind of refreshing to have witnessed this past week’s Drake vs. Meek Mill one sided lyrical sparring match.

If you want more, don’t worry – that was just practice for what’s about to happen next.

Kendrick recently dissed Drake again on Dr. Dre‘s new album Compton: A Soundtrack on the track “Deep Water.”

“Motherfucker know I started from the bottom, vodka baby bottle
Mixin’ up with Similac, my momma knew I had a problem”

Then later:

“They liable to bury him, they nominated six to carry him
They worry him to death, but he’s no vegetarian
The beef is on his breath, inheriting the drama better than
A great white, nigga this is life in my aquarium”

Those are clear shots at Drake also known as “the 6 God” who “started from the bottom”

Kendrick has previously dissed Drake subliminally on song’s like “King Kunta”

“I can dig rappin’
But a rapper with a ghost writer? What the fuck happened?
(Oh no!)”

And very literally on his “Control” verse, where he literally dissed all of the new generation of rappers

“And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale
Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller”

Drake’s assault on Meek Mill may now backfire on him because he has a huge target on his head. If Drake doesn’t reply to Kendrick he’ll look weak because he was so adamant about attacking Meek Mill with two disses before Meek’s first “diss” (I feel uncomfortable calling it a diss).

Kendrick is no Meek Mill, he is currently the #1 lyricist in rap, and would be able to do damage to Drake’s career. However, if Drake decides to respond, and he loses, I’m sure he can still serenade his way back into out hearts with some of his smooth singing, and passionate love songs. After awhile we would all forget about the beef and forgive Drake because we all need to music that encourages us to text our exes.

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