WATCH: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Daily Show Goodbye Video

I would like to thank Stephen Colbert for doing what so many Americans ought to do: Thank Jon Stewart.

In it’s early years, Stewart’s Daily Show was a undoubtedly funny, but no where near the political moral compass it is today. Similar to South Park, The Daily Show began as pure comedy, but ended up as something much more important: a societal, political mirror, held up to everyone and everything, and calling them out on their bullsh*t. In a time where spin is as crucial as content, Jon Stewart was able to make what was going on in the world understandable to the political layman.

While all of America, especially my generation, owes Stewart a heartfelt thank you, almost no one on this planet owes him more gratitude than perhaps his greatest pupil, the soon-to-be host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert.

Watch as Colbert goes off script (because Stewart is too much of a f*cking boss to willingly accept gratitude) to give Stewart the thanks he deserves.

So, thank you, Jon. We’ll miss you.

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