Penn State Frosh Tries to Annoy GirlFriend, Ends Up Arrested for Arson

Meet freshman Penn State student Benjamin Bishop, who is either the world’s worst boyfriend, or the world’s dumbest person, but probably both. Either way, he really f*cked this one up.

Bishop is currently in the Centre County Correctional facility, accused of arson and related charges after university police said he tried to set off a fire alarm at a campus residence hall. Penn State Police responded to Simmons Hall around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday evening after getting a report of a suspected arson. Video surveillance showed a man later identified as Benjamin Bishop, 18, of Doylestown, try to trigger the alarm first with a lit cigarette, then by burning the pack and papers attached to a door in the building, according to police.

Why did he do it? Bishop reportedly told police that he had a fight with his girlfriend before the incident. He reported he had been drinking and had not taken his anxiety medication and was trying to trigger the building’s fire alarm and an evacuation to “annoy her back,” according to court documents.

Ben, my man, what the hell were you thinking? Haven’t you ever heard of ignoring your girl? That sh*t drives them crazy. Or how about doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression for the entire day? I do that to my girlfriend all the time, and it never fails. Or you could have just watched SportsCenter all day, chicks hate that too. Actually, come to think of it, literally anything else would have been a better idea than what you tried to pull.

Better luck next time, Benji.

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