Exclusive Interview: Lita Ford On Changing Music Industry


After The Runaways’ breakup in 1979, lead guitarist Lita Ford went on to pursue an incredibly successful solo career, which has included collaborations with Ozzy Osbourne, Nikki Sixx, and a number of other rock legends. She’ll be touring over the next couple months, playing shows with KISS, Stone Temple Pilots, L.A. Guns, and many other iconic rockers. We were able to catch up with Lita and ask her a few questions about her career. Check out her answers below, then check out her tour schedule if you’re looking for an awesome rock show.

Greg:  My former co-worker Bruce Patron was a roadie for The Runaways in the 70’s and had some pretty wild stories. What’s the biggest difference between touring in the 70’s and touring today?

Lita:  Everything costs a lot more. Recording has changed, flying has changed, life has changed. People are being over ran by machines. Stage props have changed. You need to pay for things when you didn’t then. We have cell phones now, back then we had to use walkie talkies.

Greg:  What are your thoughts on the recent surge of DJs/performers who don’t play instruments during a live show?

Lita:  I dont know much about those. Sorry.

Greg:  You play some pretty badass guitars. What initially drew you to the BC Rich?

Lita:  When The Runaways broke up I wanted to create Lita Ford. That meant a total make over. Including guitars. A friend of mine had a BC Rich. After trying so many guitars for some reason The BC Rich guitars back in the early 80’s were at their finest. I fell in love with those guitars.

Greg:  There are rumors going around that Ace Frehley has reached out to you about joining him on his next record. Do you have any intention of getting into the studio with Ace?

Lita:  Ace has not officially reached out, but if and when he does, I would be honored. Ace’s guitar playing is awesome and it would be a thrill to Jam with Ace. His guitar playing has rocketed over the years. He’s playing greater now than ever and I think we’d kick some serious ass together. ;-)

Greg:  What advice would you give young female guitarists who want to start a rock band?

Lita:  Follow your dreams and your heart. Don’t allow ANYONE to change your dreams of what you see in that light in the end of the tunnel.

Greg:  I have some friends in an all-girl Brooklyn rock band called “Desert Sharks” and one thing that they have to deal with is sexism in the music industry. Has anyone ever told you that you “play good for a girl?” If so, how do you respond?

Lita:  I think it’s racist in a way. It’s like saying, “Ah, you play good because you’re white.” Years ago people wouldn’t even say that much so I guess its a good start. Next we have to get rid of the GIRL part. I’m working on it. ;-)

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