RIP Adrianne Curry, Cosplay Queen [PHOTOS]

Adrianne Curry announced on Facebook that she’s quitting the world of cosplay for good. That’s tough news for fans of cosplay who’d agree that she’s one of the greatest in the game. The first-ever America’s Next Top Model wrote on the social media site that she’s doing it for a host of reasons, including cost and safety. Remember, Adrianne is the same woman who once defended a fellow cosplay chick from sexual assault and punched some dude in the face with a bull whip.

Read Adrianne’s full explanation below.
“I’ve put some serious thought into this….i don’t have the desire to cosplay anymore. I’ve portrayed every character I’ve ever dreamed of being. I find the hobby costly…and at times, dangerous. It was more fun to do before it became so mainstream. It isnt bringing me the same joy anymore. Plus, I feel I am leaving on a high note instead of a low.
I will never say never, but it looks like I’ll be hanging up my super hero cape for conventions. Private functions a f labyrinth ball I’ll still express muself in the eay I love. That doesn’t mean I won’t be spotted at a con. I just won’t be spending 6 hours prepping before I do.
Onward and upward. For Narnia and the North!”
Judging from her last words there, I think it’s safe to say that she’s just giving up cosplay and not the whole geek thing.

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