Cloud Bar Gets You Wasted By Pumping Alcohol Into The Air

If sipping on fine liquid cocktails doesn’t satisfy your sophisticated palette, you’re in luck; Alcoholic Architecture will blow your mind.

Willy Wonka-esque food architects Bompas & Parr have brought the ultimate cocktail experience to London Borough Market. Instead of downing numerous, astronomically-priced cocktails with names like “Sex on a Crowded Park Bench,” (sexy, right?) you just stroll into the room and breathe in.

The bar features the world’s first cocktail cloud, and the creation is pretty simple. The rooms are setup with various humidifiers that transform spirits and mixers into vapor. 

To enter the cloud, patrons must wear protective suits (provided by the owners) and have relatively good eyesight; visitors won’t be able to see more than a meter due to the 140 percent humidity.

According to one of the crafters,

“The alcoholic air is made up of a fine spirits to mixer ratio of 1:3, using the powerful humidifiers to fully infuse the cloud and enhance flavour perception. This form of alcohol consumption bypasses the liver; therefore you will inhale 40 per cent less while enjoying the same effects”.

Visitors only get one hour to suck up the fumes, a time frame with Bompas & Parr came up with after working with respiratory scientists and chemists.

Interested in surfing through the cocktail clouds? Alcoholic Architecture is launching at Borough Market in London on July 31, and it will be there for of six months. Check out some preview photos of this spectacular place.

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