Miss COED 2016 Contestant Spotlight: Alecia Occhipinti, ASU

The beautiful Alecia Occhipinti is one of the many contestants who have applied to be Miss COED 2016. After a career-ending injury, Occhipinti left Baylor University where she was a Division 1 athlete, and enrolled in ASU. Aside from school, she’s also focused on modeling and designing the interiors of private jets. Yes, you heard that right – private jets.

Take a look at what else there is to know about Alecia:

– She’s a self-proclaimed road-trip addict.

– She is a part of the Tempe 12, a.k.a ASU’s hottest of hot females.

– For her next trip, she’s headed to Australia and New Zealand. Her dad has traveled all over the world and claims the latter is the most beautiful place he’s ever been.

– She is a Design Management Major at ASU, hence her work with private jets.

Could I give you more information? Sure, I could; but I won’t. You’ll have to check back with us in the fall to see just how far Alecia will go in the competition. If she doesn’t make it as far as you hoped, you only have yourself to blame. Voting for Miss COED 2016 begins in a couple months.

Follow Alecia on InstagramTwitter, and Snapchat- aocchipinti. Oh and if you’re lucky, maybe she will accept your friend request on Facebook.

Submit for Miss COED 2016

Alecia is super excited about the competition, and we can see why. As a contestant, she has the opportunity to win cash, clothing, and gift cards to her favorite stores and a party thrown at her school for her and all of her awesome friends. This isn’t just any old pizza party either.

Looking to get in on the action? We’re on the hunt for the smartest, hottest, all-around most awesome college girl to be our Miss COED 2016. Is that you? Or maybe your girlfriend or friend? Have them submit today!

She has nothing to lose and literally everything to win.


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