New Zealand Brewery Turns Waste Into Biofuel Used to Power Cars

New Zealand’s DB Breweries are changing the world. The company is turning their brewing-related waste and turning it into biofuel, making it feasible to have your car run on beer.

Ohhhh dreaaaam weaverrrrr…

Deemed DB Export Brewtroleum, an Auckland gas station is currently selling the fuel and credits its availability to their busiest day of the year.

According to Playboy,

Here’s how the process works. When brewing beer, there’s always a bit of sediment left once the drink has fermented. It’s mainly made up of inactive yeast, and people in the brewing business call it slurry… “The yeast slurry is passed on to farmers for stock feed, but sometimes it can go to waste.”

The DB Export folks realized the slurry could still be used to produce ethanol; a key ingredient in biofuel. So instead of dumping it, they sent 15,300 gallons of slurry to a refinery. There, the ethanol from the yeast was refined until it was pure enough to start mixing with petrol… “Brewtroleum is 10 percent ethanol from our yeast, and 90 percent petrol.” That’s the same ratio as the E10 at your local service station, which almost all modern cars can run on.

So far, 79,250 gallons of Brewtroleum have been created using waste from the brewery. It is also more environmentally friendly than biofuels made from crops, since making the Brewtroleum used no land or resources.

So… you can drink your brews and help the world? What’s not to love? We’re officially moving to New Zealand. 

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