WATCH: Leaked ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Deadpool’ Comic Con Trailers [VIDEO]

Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer Video

The San Diego Comic Con released a few hotly-anticipated trailers to the fans, who are showing their appreciation by leaking the first looks at Suicide Squad and Deadpool. That’s cool. Now we just have to face the challenge of keeping these things online. We’re still proud of how long we were able to post the extended Jurassic World trailer that you weren’t supposed to see (they caught us eventually), and the early Ted 2 trailer was still fun to watch because the CGI hadn’t been added. At least we still have a picture from that.

But let’s live in the present, starting with the leaked Suicide Squad–with, of course, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie….


Update: The official trailer has been uploaded to YouTube, so we’ve replaced the smaller versions with something you can actually see:

And so on to the Deadpool trailer. Some of the footage will be familiar, but this is the official Comic Con footage that was also unofficially leaked–in a fairly decent version, and God bless these proud geeks who risk their lives for this kind of thing. We’d have to wait hours for a Youtube version…

…and another back up here…

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