New Study Says Vampires Are Pretty Common, No We’re Not Kidding

Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to vampires than those antiquated Victorian novels and Robert Pattinson. According to a new study written by D.J. Williams and Emily E. Prior, and published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work, vampires are very real and they’re having a tough time feeding off of other people’s blood. Well, damn… that’s f*cking weird.

Williams, who is the director of Social Work at Idaho State University, has been studying self-identifying vampires for the last ten years, and has since discovered that they’re incredibly conscientious. Though they live pretty normal lives, there’s one abnormal element to their daily routine but necessary to keep up their energy – the whole, liking to suck other people’s blood, thing.

However, according to the study, these people not only have a hard time finding consenting adults to be their blood sucking toys, but they also can’t tell legitimate doctors, in fear of being locked up in a psych ward. Because they like to ingest other humans’ blood, did we mention that?

According to Vice,

The study emphasizes how self-identifying vampires are more common than one would expect and that it is important for psychologists and counselors to create an environment free from discrimination. Williams thinks that if clinicians are more educated about self-identifying vampires, they will be better suited to helping them with their psychological needs. Even self-identifying vampires struggle with common relationship and career issues and deserve an open environment to discuss their problems.

So in short, they’re pretty damn emotional and just looking for some bloody love. Any takers? Anyone?

[H/T: Vice]

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