"Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story" Is Never Being Released

There are some things that shouldn’t be done no matter what. One of those is a movie about Marshawn Lynch’s life and the beginning of his NFL career. A trailer showed up in February on YouTube about a movie called “Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story” which was going to talk about Lynch’s childhood. That movie now will never be released according to Lynch’s agent.

The agent told Rolling Stone that Lynch friend Mario Bobino “did a terrible job and the film will never be released.” Lynch didn’t even know that clip was going to be on YouTube and wasn’t happy about it then and clearly isn’t happy about it now. It would have been something to see just for fun but now the world will never see this movie.
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Another movie should probably be started now about Lynch and his relationship with the media. It would be a silent film clearly since Lynch doesn’t like speaking with the reporters who show up by his locker or at any Super Bowl Media Day. For now though, we won’t be learning about how Lynch is putting Family First and we may never learn about it.

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