The 60 Sexiest American Sportscasters and Sideline Reporters 2015 [PHOTOS]

A few years ago, the big trend in sports coverage was to send female reporters down as sideline reporters. Now as more and more women are becoming comfortable in the world of sports reporting, we’re seeing them as analysts and even calling the play-by-play aspect of games.

The reality of the fact is that aside from a few idiots, no one in their right mind is going to complain about the involvement of women in sports. Not only does it open the door for more female viewers, what guy is going to complain about attractive women on the screen? Literally every single female sports anchor (besides Doris Burke) is a looker. That’s almost a prerequisite.

But not every sports anchor gets a starting spot on ESPN. Like the sports they cover, these female analysts and reporters have to go through the minor leagues, climbing the ranks to make it to the big leagues.
So who are some sexy sportscasters and sideline reporters you should be scouting? So glad you asked:

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