Anchor Brewing Company's Anchor Liberty Ale Is What's On Tap!

As you prepare for another 4th of July take a moment and to think about the most important aspect of the holiday: what beer will you be drinking. But before you answer, let me again remind you that none of the marcobreweries / big beer are owned by American companies! So in hopes of taking your patriotism to the next level, other than those too short American flag shorts you are planning on wearing, this weekend I am drinking a craft beer that is truly ‘Murican! This weekend Anchor Brewing Company’s Anchor Liberty Ale is What’s on Tap!
Brewed to commemorate the 200 anniversary of Paul Revere’s midnight ride and is now acknowledged as the first modern American IPA brewed after prohibition, Anchor Liberty Ale is a perfect beer for the 4th of July. Just looking at the beer it has a color that is of clean and crisp amber. On the nose there is a nice hint of hoppy citrus and subtle bitterness. Liberty Ale offers a similar flavor profile as its aroma. Hoppy notes that allow some sweet citrus flavors to be present that are mixed with bready-malts. The finish has some bitterness but nothing that is overpowering.
This weekend’s food pairing is an obvious one, hamburgers and hotdogs the All-America summertime meal. But regardless of the dish you are pairing with this brew make sure Liberty Ale is in your glass! Because a beer that is brewed by America’s first craft brewery and one that honors the ride that started ‘Murica’s beat down of those British punks is one that is perfect for July 4th!
Beer Stats

Style: American IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.9%
Color: Crisp Orangey
Malt: 2-Row
Hops: Cascade

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 87 and 89
Rate Beer: 94

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COED's Ultimate Guide to the 4th of July
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