Well-Endowed? We've Got The Dating Site For You

According to 7orBetter, size really does matter.The popular dating site caters specifically to men who are well-endowed, and to the ladies who love them.
So if you’re looking to date and packing some heat, you’ve come to the right place.
Website founder Steven Pasternack launched the site in 2008 and currently has around 40,000 members. He claims the website isn’t just used for boning, but that many relationships have stemmed from his creepy hard work.
Picture proof is not listed on the dater’s profile, however according to Pasternack, there’s a wide selection of people listing themselves as seven inches or bigger. He explains,

“I had the idea talking to a few female friends who were complaining about investing time with guys who then turned out to have small penises. They all said they wished there was a site which listed penis size like it did hair color and height. Sex is a very important part of a relationship, as much for women as it is for men. Why is it any less politically correct for people to want to know about penis size than it is for them to want to know about height, weight or body type?”

We hear that. It’s time to start bragging more online – no catfishing allowed.
[H/T: Metro]

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