Amanda Dufner Boyd: 22 Hottest Photos on the Internet

Amanda Boyd (Dufner), once the wife of golfer Jason Dufner, is now back in the news and on BustedCoverage because of an alleged affair with Tiger Woods. So of course we’re showing you her hottest bikini photos.

Was Tiger the one actually responsible for the Amanda and Jason’s divorce last spring? Not according to the National Enquirer (who originally reported the story). Their source claims that the two only started hooking up earlier this year, although things have recently gotten more serious. “Even though Tiger dated Lindsey for years, he had a ‘thing’ for Amanda,” a source told The National Enquirer. “At first, it was just innocent flirting, but earlier this year it became serious.”

Serious question. What is it with Amanda Boyd? Why is she going for guys like this? Jason Dufner was probably the most out of shape golfer on the tour and now this PGA skirt is allegedly hooking up with a way-past-his-prime Tiger Woods? Pull it together toots.

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