Happy Father’s Day from Charlie Sheen, Doosh Phace! [TWEETS]

Charlie Sheen Twitter 1 i

Charlie Sheen must not like the new tie that he unwrapped today. He’s been celebrating Father’s Day with an epic meltdown (via his Twitter account) that’s mostly involved how much he hates ex-wife Denise Richards and loves ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They both look pretty good to us. But as you can see by the above Tweet, Charlie wants the media to know that Denis is a….well, bad person.

Also, just prior to that Tweet, Charlie had some thoughts about parental rights…

Charlie Sheen Twitter 1

And the whole thing began with Charlie saying something nice–before remembering to say something rotten…

Charlie Sheen Twitter 2

So, yeah, Happy Father’s Day. We’re sure it’s another one where Martin Sheen is beaming with pride. Otherwise, we’re not looking to speculate on anything. We bet Denise Richards lawyer feels like a #winner, though.

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