Hottest WAGS of the US Open Golf 2015 [PHOTOS]

Golfers of the US Open have some of the hottest looking WAGs of any major sporting event. Maybe it’s regular visits to the country clubs, the free-flowing Arnold Palmers, the massive-sized checks, or the wardrobe full of collared shirts, but what is it about golfers that makes them so great with the ladies?

We’re not entirely sure, but with names like Alexis Randock, Justine Reed, Paulina Gretzky, the evidence is there. Even better, most of the WAGs aren’t just pretty faces. Many of them have even caddied for their boyfriends and husbands at some of the less serious tournaments.

But enough with the words, let’s check out the faces you should be looking for in the stands.

Lauren Hill Gets Brick Outside Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame
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