Olive Garden Food Truck Takes Over Italian Boston Neighborhood, Everyone Hates It

Listen up Olive Garden Food Truck: according to the majority of North End Bostonians, your puke-colored contraption is an abomination to Italian food and they want it to stay the f*ck out of their neighborhood. Considering the last thing anyone wants is an angry Bostonian on their hands, we’d say you should really consider the complaint before heading back to the Massachusetts city.

For four days the truck parked in Boston’s congested Faneuil Hall, where workers spent their days handing out free breadstick sandwiches. To say residents were pissed would be an understatement. The area is typically off-limits to food trucks and owners of legit Italian restaurants found it insulting that a breadstick-loving impostor was stationed so close to their storefronts.

According to Vice,

Boston.com convened a forum of the city’s grappa-snouted restauranteurs from the traditionally Italian enclave of the North End, home to dozens of Italian restaurants, who decried the presence of the food truck parking anywhere near their hallowed, cobblestone streets. “It’s an insult to everyone in the North End selling Italian food for more than 100 years,” groused one.

Frank DePasquale, owner of numerous restaurants in the vicinity, including Bricco, echoed the sentiment to me: “It is beyond any reasoning that I have to understand why anyone would want to eat that food when there is some of the best and most authentic Italian food in the country right here in the North End,” he said, pointing out the abundance of options, from simple sandwich shops using wholesome breads, to what he called “high-end boutique Italian cuisine.” “Visitors to the North End come here for our delicious variety of authentic cuisine,” he said. “Not for the Olive Garden Food Truck.”

Yikes. While the comments are harsh, we do see where they’re coming from. Eating Olive Garden and calling it authentic is laughable, just like trying to compete with real Italian restaurants is. So while everyone loves a free lunch, leave Boston alone and bring the breadstick sandwiches back this way – we’ll eat them.

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