WATCH: People From Around The World Think Americans Are Fat, Cheap Motherf*ckers

As Americans, we obviously think we’re f*cking awesome. It’s the land of the free and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But when asking people from around the world what they think about us, the results are a bit less¬†admirable.

Firstly, we learned that pretty much everyone thinks we’re fat. Uh¬†hello, CrossFit is super popular around these parts so that’s just plain wrong. Secondly, one dude described Americans as being “stingy.” If that’s code for we’re smart with our money, then we’ll take it. And lastly, another pair basically called American men alcoholics. Excuse me if we just like to have a good time!

Some people will never get it. Check out the slightly insulting yet actually hilarious video below. We’re wearing our patriotism loud and proud, so f*ck you.

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