WATCH: Sorority Girl Rides Shopping Cart Down Stairs On Video

Lexi Shopping Cart Stairs ASU

When you get a video of a good looking sorority girl riding a shopping cart down the stairs, you stop what you’re doing and you watch to see if she’s still good looking by the time the ride is over.

A million things could go wrong. She could smash her nose, her head, her neck, her teeth… I mean she’s crazy, but awesome. This is the kind of person we’re looking for in our Miss COED competition.

Lexi, whoever you are, keep being you… The camera person on the other hand needs to get themselves checked out, pronto. You can’t just move the camera at the last second once she’s about to ride the cart! The buildup was too long.

According to Barstool (the guys who originally posted the video) Lexi is from ASU, the school that never stops churning out quality internet content.

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