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Instagram Girl of the Week: Dominique Mazzone, Temple


Instagram Girl of the Week3

Meet Dominique from Temple University, this week’s Instagram Girl of the Week! The stunning 20-year-old is 100 percent Italian and 100 percent flawless. She also applied to be Miss COED 2016think she has what it takes? Find out more about Dominique below:

WARNING: She takes perfect selfies, and it will make you jealous.

My major is Kinesiology, concentration in physical therapy.

My dream job is to work with babies and toddlers. To help physical development as early as possible is my goal; I want to help them live pain free and healthy as long as possible!

Last Friday night was the last Friday night of the semester, so my roommates and I threw a surprise party for our close friend whose birthday is over the summer! We all needed to have fun before finals started and before we all left for the summer.

My guilty pleasure is definitely Netflix. I love to watch new series and new movies that come out and see which ones I like and dislike.

A guy can get my attention by making me laugh! I’m one to laugh at anything but if you have a good sense of humor, that’s a plus in my book. (Girl, amen to that).

The best part about my school is everyone who I’ve met over the years! Everyone is special to me and has changed my life positively in some way!

If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, I would go to Italy! I am 100% Italian and I have never been to Italy. At Temple, we can study abroad in Rome, but I don’t think with my major it would be the best option. However, I will definitely go there within the next 5 years. I want to see where my family is from and how they live.

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