Wu-Tang Beer Is Coming To A Bar Near You Soon

Wu Tang Beer

Dock Street Brewery (of Philadelphia, not Staten Island) is making a Wu-Tang Clan dedicated beer called “Ain’t Nuthin’ to Funk With” that should be coming out sometime later this year.

The brewers over at Dock Street say that the delicious craft beer will have a spicy pineapple and orange-tart flavor, but most importantly it will stored in a facility that is constantly bumping Wu Tang music 24/7.

Those silver things you see in the keg are actually tuning forks.

Dock Street head brewer Vince Desrosiers stated the idea “started as a joke, and then we wondered if the bass would cause enough vibration to move the yeast around and create some different flavors during fermentation.”

We’re guessing that the beer is going to be a very limited run, but luckily it’ll still be easier to get than their “new album.”

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