Valencia College Students Sue School Over Forced Vaginal Exams

Two female students from Valencia College are suing the Florida school after they were forced to undergo transvaginal probes. The invasive procedure was said to be part of their classroom training.
According to CNN,

“The details are outlined in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday in Orlando against Valencia College and three instructors. It alleges that medical diagnostic students at the college were forced to submit to the examination of their sexual organs under threat of having their grades reduced or of being blacklisted by future employers… The lawsuit claims that during orientation, the college ‘had a second year student … (nicknamed the ‘TransVag Queen’) explained the Medical Diagnostic Sonography Program’s faculty believed that students should undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasound procedures in order to become better sonography technicians.'”

Weekly probes were also conducted sans privacy, in which students were asked to disrobe in a nearby bathroom, wrap themselves up in a towel, then walk around in plain view without clothes. Sexual stimulation was often required before inserting the probe and sexual comments made by instructors were said to be prevalent.
Although the school has remained tightlipped over the controversy, a statement was released regarding Valencia’s diagnostic medical sonography associate degree program:

“The use of volunteers — including fellow students — for medical sonography training is a nationally accepted practice. Valencia College’s sonography program has upheld the highest standards with respect to ultrasound scanning for educational purposes, including voluntary participation and professional supervision by faculty in a controlled laboratory setting. Nonetheless, we continue to review this practice and others to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for the learning environment.”

[H/T: CNN]

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