Ice Girls of the Stanley Cup Conference Finals 2015 [PHOTOS]

Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL Conference Finals

Now that we’ve reached the NHL Conference Finals, it’s safe to say that we’re deep into the NHL Playoffs. As Rangers fans, we’re excited to have made it this far but the truth of the matter is that we’ve got to tip our hats to all four teams still competing for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But we’re not the only ones excited for the deep run. There are three teams of Ice Girls (the Rangers don’t have any) who are equally as excited to get the home crowd bumping, so in a homage to them, we pulled together their hottest photos.

And for good measure, we included the sexiest Rangers fans. We’re still homers.


Anaheim Ducks Power Players Ice Girls

Ice Girls


Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew

Ice Girls


Tampa Bay Lightning Girls Ice Crew

Ice Girls


NY Rangers Super Fans

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