Chinese Restaurant Offers Mini Skirt Discount

A hot pot restaurant in Jinan, China is offering up to 90% discount to customers wearing short skirts.

The final deduction depends on how short the skirt is: three inches above the knee gets patrons 20% off of their meal, while 13 inches – shouldn’t we just call it underwear at this point? – gets them a whopping 90% off.

Restaurant owner Yang Jia explained to the Daily Mail, “This is the low season for hot pot restaurants. We wanted to start a promotional campaign that could attract our core audience.” Right. We believe that.

While there’s no mention of whether or not the discount is strictly for women, it’s safe to say no one wants to see your man bits hanging out of a skirt. So just pay full-price, you cheap bastard.

[H/T: Eater]

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