Sex Ed Teacher Compiles 3 Years of Questions Asked By 9th Graders

Sex is a whirlwind when you’re in your teens. It’s awkward to learn about in school, it’s awkward to talk about with your friends, and it’s even more awkward when you dare try out a few moves with equally awkward (yet hotter) lady friends. This Redditor is exploiting that in the most hilarious way possible.
A self-proclaimed sexual education teacher, the poster compiled three years worth of questions from 9th grade students. While we’re insanely glad to be out of high school, we’re still wondering who the hell is going to tell us whether or not anal is bad for your insides. Anyone?! 
Check out the inquiries.

So pregnancy…
Masturbating Inquiries
How painful will this experience be?
Erections are nuts.
But really, what do we do about those bodily fluids?
What the f*ck is up with anal?
So about size mattering…

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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