Ask a Babe: Bailee Beachy Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.
Luckily MSU alum and all-around blonde bombshell Bailee Beachy is here to help. The athletic Michigan native took time out of her day to contemplate your most pressing life questions, so be grateful! And be thankful that you’re getting advice from someone this hot!
Here’s what she had to say about picking up girls on social media, blackout mishaps, and man buns:

Can girls forgive blackout mistakes?
I am over the blackout thing, so not over here. Such a turnoff to me! It’s (maybe) okay in college. Maybe for other girls it’s okay, but for me personally I just don’t have the time or patience. Just control yourself when you drink, nobody likes a slop show! Always keep it classy.
How often do chicks talk about guys’ skills in bed?
It depends on the chicks. A lot of my close friends are in serious relationships, so they tend to just keep that to themselves. If you get around girls that sleep around, they definitely talk about that sort of thing more because that is what is important to them. Just rock it in bed and you ain’t got no worries!
Should I keep up my man bun? Or is that a turn-off?
I personally think man buns are okay on the right guy if they aren’t trying TOO hard to follow the trend. A little scruff could help too! Still gotta keep it manly though.
Can I hit on a girl through social media? If so, how?
I am old-fashioned and believe in asking a girl out on the phone, or face to face. Only turn to social media if you haven’t met her before, or something like that. Keep it light and cute. Don’t come off too strong, girls will put you in the creep zone quick. Never like photos from 45 weeks ago. The deep creep is NEVER a good thing!
My friend is trying to get with my ex. Who do I talk to about it – him or her?
I would definitely talk to your friend, not the ex. Obviously your relationship ended for a reason and your friend should know better than to do that. Your ex is your ex for a reason – you just need to move on. She’s probably just doing it for attention and you don’t want to give her that! NEXT!
My best friend’s girl is cheating on him, but he doesn’t know. Do I tell him?
Absolutely. Make sure you have clear cut evidence though. Also, make sure you’re not the one she’s cheating on him with.
How do you feel about speedos?
If you got it, flaunt it! No thongs please.
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