Gigi Hadid Is Single, Hooks Up With Taylor Swift [PHOTOS]


Gigi Hadid Taylor Swift Video h

Gigi Hadid broke up with Cody Simpson at the start of the weekend. Now we’re heading into Monday with the very hot news that the Victoria’s Secret model¬†is one of the gals showing up with Taylor Swift in the star-studded “Bad Blood” video that will be debuting on the Billboard Music Awards one week from today.

Yep,¬†Taylor went on her Twitter account to graphically announce that the video now includes Gigi, and Ellie Goulding and, um…Lena Dunham. Let’s concentrate on Gigi…

Gigi Hadid Taylor Swift Video

Looking good in a Sin City-knockoff way. We’re sure excited about “Bad Blood,” just like we got excited over the Cody Simpson video for “Surfboard,” because Gigi was also in that looking all sexy. Sadly, we don’t think Gigi is involved with Taylor Swift, but we can dream. Now here are some pics to keep you dreaming until next Sunday…

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