Rosario Dawson: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Rosario Dawson is having a pretty incredible year–mostly thanks to the small screen, since she’s been stealing scenes in the Netflix Daredevil series as Claire Temple. That’s the mysterious Night Nurse who tends to superheroes assorted boo-boos after a battle. The comic character originally began as a Marvel Comics romance comic, and then got retro-fitted to her current role. That’s why Rosario is now signed to return to Daredevil‘s second season, and also set to show up in┬áthe studio’s other Netflix offerings.
This is all a nice comeback after we made a big deal of Rosario Dawson as one of the Hot Babes of Sin City–right before Sin City 2 really fizzled at the box office. But now she’s back, and these pics will prove why you don’t have to be a comic geek to get all excited. We also recommend that you get excited over Rosario’s Instagram account. That’s where we got that great POV pic of Rosario sunning her┬áluscious legs…

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