Tin Roof Brewing Company’s Juke Joint IPA Is What’s On Tap

USC Undie Run 2015

This past week I found myself stumbling around one of America’s great cities of drink, NOLA! Between Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, Latitude 29, SoBou, etc I certainly had my fill of bourbon and other great cocktails but the craft beer that I am enjoying this weekend is one that stood out the most while I was walking Bourbon Street; this weekend Tin Roof Brewing Company’s Juke Joint IPA is What’s on Tap.

Anytime one is in NOLA one is probably drinking, heavily, and if you are a craft beer and IPA lover you know there is only so many IPAs one can take before your pallet gives or you become hopped-out; so the trick is to find a flavorful yet drinkable IPA, which is what I found in Tin Roof’s Juke Joint.

On the nose Juke Joint’s aroma is certainly hop dominated but there is a nice blend of floral earthy notes. Each sip contained more malt, which gave off a little sweet taste, than I was expecting yet the beer held true to its IPA roots with being full of hops and having a nice bitter-bite. Despite being a very solid IPA what I enjoyed most was how well the 7.0 ABV was hidden and how drinkable the beer was in short it is the perfect for NOLA.

To help me reminisce about my trip I am pairing Juke Joint with some blackened swordfish. The blackened rub recipe comes from New Orleans that will provide the perfect heat to offset the hops and citrus taste of the brew. So cheers to a spring weekend, NOLA, and a great IPA.


Beer Stats

Style: American Indian Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.0%
Color: Cloudy Amber / Orangeish

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 82
Rate Beer: 54

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