Olivia Culpo: Hottest Photos on the Internet


Olivia Culpo Hot Pics
Olivia Culpo is the sexiest woman in the world. It’s true – she snagged the Miss Universe title in 2012 after winning out as Miss Rhode Island and Miss USA. And you can’t argue with science.

You also can’t argue with photos. With long dark hair, brown doe eyes, and a hot body she’s always showing off, it’s hard not to agree with the coveted title. Since her beauty pageant days, Culpo gained notoriety for dating one of the douchey Jonas brothers. After their breakup, Culpo made headlines for allegedly breaking up with Tim Tebow¬†after not getting any from the chaste brother. Listen people, a woman has needs! And about 12 million dudes¬†are willing to fulfill them.

Check out her hottest photos below.

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