Christina Hendricks: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Christina Hendricks is in the final stretch of her Mad Men series–and we’re down to the last three episodes starting tonight. It’s also her birthday, and we’d rather not say how old she is now. We’ll just note that Mad Men must have had a longer run than we realized.
Anyway, it’s hard to believe that Christina Hendricks was kind of toiling in obscurity before Mad Men happened. There were a few early users (so to speak) of Christina’s star power, but she kind of plugged along as a small-screen regular. Then she busted out as ambitious office manager Joan Holloway¬†on AMC’s first hit series.
Joan Holloway became Joan Harris, and a partner in the various ad agencies that the Mad Men formed over the years. The high point of Christina Hendricks’ film career was 2011’s Drive with Ryan Gosling. We have a difficult time believing that Christina will be back to regular small-screen roles, though–even as she is getting older. Check out these pics to see why so many people are tuning in to the final episodes of Mad Men, and don’t forget the show’s other retro beauties

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