New Movie Trailers: ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ And More [VIDEOS]

Vin Diesel Last Witch Hunter Trailer Video

We already had to jump on a few fine trailers from this past week–including the latest look at Ted 2 and Tom Hardy playing twin British gangsters in Legend. But even though the week has mostly been about anticipating a new Avengers film, we’ve also been excited over a few more sneak peeks…

The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel tries to start up another film franchise with The Last Witch Hunter–and we’re mostly impressed that this trailer was able to surprise us with its modern-day setting. All of the early production stills made it look like the Nic Cage flop Season of the Witch. We guess that’s why this has a modern-day setting. Anyway, it looks fun, and we’re sure that Dungeons & Dragons fan Vin sure liked having a flaming sword….

The Nightmare

Yeah, it’s a documentary–but another weird one from the guy who made Room 237, which was about being an obsessive fan of The Shining. This one is about people who suffer from sleep paralysis, which is a condition which makes you feel like you’re waking up in a horror movie. To illustrate this, the movie pretty much plays like a horror movie. At the very least, that makes for a really cool trailer…

Irrational Man

Woody Allen makes a movie about a frustrated middle-age man who rediscovers his creative spark by having sex with a young woman. Possibly inspired by a true story, just like a lot of other movies that Woody has made over the years. At least he’s recasting himself in a younger version with Joaquin Phoenix instead of Larry David, so it’s more believable when the hot babe is Emma Stone….

Insidious: Chapter 3 (International Trailer)

Yeah, we’re still excited three chapters in–and glad that the franchise is going with a prequel, since the hauntings of the first two movies kind of played out in a logical way. We know this is just more scary shadows and calculated creepiness, but it’s working. Maybe even all over the world…

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