Michael Jordan’s Shoe Auction: Air Ship Sale Price, Details

Air Ships Auction

There are always some things that sports collectors want over other items. That would include anything that involves Michael Jordan. A pair of his shoes went up for auction this past weekend and were advertised as the earliest NBA-worn shoes by the Chicago Bulls legend. The shoes were sold for $71,553 and were called Air Ships instead of Air Jordans.

It is quite the catch for the winner of the auction to be able to get these shoes from arguably the greatest player in NBA history. The fact that they aren’t Air Jordans is something very interesting however. He didn’t wear Air Jordans right away during his rookie season in 1984-85 as Nike was working on his signature shoe so he wore their Air Ships instead.

The Air Jordans didn’t come to the retail market until March of 1985 so these shoes that were up for auction were definitely one of a kind. Collectors will continue to be on the lookout for anything Jordan-related and who knows what the next item will be or how much it will go for during an auction. It is likely that this is the last time that Air Ships will come up though.

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