The Best of the Non-Violent Protestors In Baltimore [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

baltimore riots

As you know by now, the city of Baltimore is in complete upheaval after citizens began rioting following the death of Freddie Grey. The city has been issued a curfew, the National Guard has been called in, and SWAT teams have been recorded throwing debris at the rioters in an attempt to protect themselves.

First off, we have someone who is actively trying to protect his neighborhood from those who would call themselves protestors. Good on him.

Next, we have one of the largest people I’ve seen in awhile trying to keep the crowd from attacking the police. If they’re going to listen to anyone, it’s going to be the 6’4″ guy who weighs 270 pounds. Notice how more people start stepping up to the plate and helping him once they see an individual take action.

Then, we have… this. I’m not sure why the arguably the worst protest in Baltimore history is the best time to film your amateur Michael Jackson music video, but it is. Rest assured, none of our interns will sleep until they find that footage from the cameraman starting today.

Helicopters flying through the smoky air, dancing on top of trucks, that moonwalk at the end… Book it, no less than a million views on YouTube once it goes live.

If you’re gonna do it, you might as well go big. Wardrobe changes. New moonwalk variations. The whole nine yards.

HE’S STILL AT IT! This guy is 100% going to be famous after tonight. Best performance of the evening and something to smile about among all this awful sh*t.

This woman has already become a hero to many in the community who’d want the protests to stay non-violent. Probably the greatest footage to come out of this riot. In all seriousness, the mother who will beat her son to keep him safe and alive is the best kind of mother.

UPS Truck Looting

Finally, we have this kid. It’s in pretty poor taste to publish a photo of a thief in a post celebrating non-violent protestors, but this is just ridiculous. Too good to not talk about. How about we concentrate on the fact that at least he’s buckled up for safety.

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