Maria Sharapova: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Ladies like Maria Sharapova can’t just enjoy a simple birthday. Consider today–that being April 19, 2015–as the Russian tennis pro turns 28 years old while fighting to make it into her fourth consecutive French Open final with the opening of her clay-court season in Stuttgart.
We were kind of hoping that Maria Sharapova would’ve retired and become a lingerie model by now. But that’s just us being all selfish, while Maria keeps thriving alongside tennis faves like Ana Ivanovic, Elena Visnina, Mandy Minella, and many more.

Maria still has the lead in being tennis’ hottest sex symbol, though. We’re always big fans, and happy to see her back in action. We haven’t really ogled the legend since she won the Madrid Open last year–so let’s get into Maria’s new season by looking back at some of her hottest photos on the internet…

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