Anna Kournikova Hot Instagram Photo: Retired and Looking Great [GIFS]

Anna Kournikova is retired from professional tennis–unlike Maria Sharapova, who we’ve already ogled today as a hardworking (and hot) legend who’s still having to spend her birthday striving to make it into the French Open.
In contrast, Anna retired at the ripe old age of 21. That’s actually kind of tragic, since the ravishing Russian beauty was enjoying a splendid career that was cut short over back problems. Anna went out on top–as both a frequently-ranked #1 doubles player, and the hottest woman then working the pro tennis circuit.
The great news is that Anna can now relax and still look gorgeous in retirement–as the 33-year-old beauty just showed off this weekend via her Instagram account

Yes, Anna still has it–and we’re sure that she could also easily beat the pants off us in tennis still, which is kind of a nice thought. We’re sure that you’ll agree after checking out more of Anna’s amazing GIFs, and then maybe some of her sexiest pics

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Maria Sharapova: Hottest Photos On The Internet
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