University of Texas Bans ‘Pimps & Hoes’ Fraternity Party Theme

Texas Banned Party List

Following The University of Texas FIJI “South of the Border” fraternity party that (deservedly or not) received less than favorable reviews from the hispanic community of students, UT-Austin’s IFC decided to add a “cultural sensitivity clause” to their Code of Conduct.

But that’s not all.

The IFC also laid out a list of both “offensive party themes” and “acceptable party themes”–aka ideas that would make for the absolute worst parties you’ve ever heard of. Some of the “offensive” themes we can understand, but we see no reason why getting rid of “Gnarly on Harley,” is necessary. Did bikers cause a commotion again?

Either way, check out what party ideas that are either banned or blessed by the University of Texas.

“Offensive Party Themes”

Ghetto Fabulous / “Urban theme” / G’d Up
Millionaires and Mistresses
White / Trailer Trash Bash / Chicks and Hicks
Gnarly on a Harley
Pimps and Hos
Golf Pros and Tennis Hos (just say NO to anything involving the word ‘ho’)
South of the Border / Fiesta
Porn Stars and Directors
Gals and Gauchos
Aristocrats and Trophy Wives
Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses
Headmasters and Schoolgirls
Cowboys and Indians

“Acceptable Party Themes”

Comic Book Heroes and Villains
Disco Party (decade themes)
Pajama Jam (NO skimpy lingerie)
Mardi Gras
Toga! Toga!
Famous Couples
Winter Wonderland (snow party)
Rumple in the Jungle (safari)
Viva Las Vegas
Sporting Event Theme
Pirates of the Caribbean
“P” is Party (alphabet themes)
Once Upon A Time (fairy tale themes)
Casino Night
April Fool’s Day Party
Fire and Ice
American Heroes (military or patriotic themes)
My Tie (mystery match-up theme)
New Year’s Eve Again
Roller Derby
Under the Sea (ocean theme)
Company Christmas / Office Space

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