WATCH: Madonna Kissed A Drake At Coachella, And He Didn’t Like It [VIDEO]

Madonna Kisses Drake

Drake headlined at Coachella last night, and Madonna couldn’t make it onto the MTV Movie Awards, so she showed up, too. And because Madonna is selling Rebel Heart by selling sex, that meant she had to prove that Madonna remains irresistible to the younger pop stars of today by making out onstage with the lucky, lucky Drake.

That didn’t really work out. We’re not sure if Madonna hit the hummus table hard backstage, or if Drake suddenly just felt horribly used and cheap, but it seems that there might be some kind of downside to making out with Madonna.

Watch for yourself and be glad that you’re not in Drake’s shoes. He loves the University of Kentucky basketball program. Maybe he used to love Madonna, but now that’s been a big disappointment, too. Oh, well. At least there are a lot of other hot babes at Coachella for the guy…

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