Greg Norman Feels Sorry For Tiger Woods

2011 Australian PGA Championship - Day 2

It has been a very rough few years for Tiger Woods, who hasn’t won a major tournament since the 2008 U.S. Open. Ever since that happened, Woods has gone through a myriad of problems on and off the course. It has caused one of the greatest players of all time to actually begin to feel sorry for what has happened to Woods. [lead image via Getty Images Sports / Bradley Kanaris]

Greg Norman, who had his own struggles with winning big tournaments, said in a recent interview with News Ltd Media that “I do feel sorry for Tiger, where he’s sitting at the moment. I hate seeing someone who, at the pinnacle, can fall off and look so disgustingly bad.” It takes a big person to actually feel sorry for someone who has won 14 major titles during their career.

Norman and Woods aren’t exactly the best of friends either though and maybe these comments actually thaw their icy relationship. Norman is going to be in the broadcast booth this summer when Fox takes over coverage of the U.S. Open and wouldn’t it be a treat if Woods was actually in the hunt? If Woods needs a friend right now, he may have found one in an unlikely source.

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