Brooklyn Decker: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Brooklyn Decker is 28 years old now, and we’re still feeling pretty good about this actress and model–even if the actress part hasn’t gone as well as Brooklyn deserves. She landed a hit with her turn in the Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It and bombed besides Rihanna in Battleship, and then kind of fizzled on television. The problem is still probably with the projects, because Brooklyn keeps charming Hollywood as a built blonde babe who still manages to seem quirky and offbeat.
The good news is that Brooklyn might have a recurring role in the upcoming Netflix sitcom Grace and Frankie, which’ll be her most prestigious project in a while. (Sadly, Stretch finally ended up as a video release after spending a long stint as one of our Most Anticipated Unreleased Movies.) Brooklyn also got to show up as one of our favorite fantasy girls from The League, so that’ another fine credit.
And you might also remember that Brooklyn had modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. So it’s no problem celebrating Brooklyn’s latest big career break with some of her hottest photos from the internet…

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