April Fools Pranks 2015: Top 10 Best Web Jokes

april fools pranks

Despite John Oliver‘s best attempts at hushing to craze, April Fools Day has become a must for big brands to market themselves. Companies like Google and Amazon have even concocted numerous April Fools Prank in an attempt to cash in.

We’ve pulled together our favorite “big” April Fools jokes from the web so that you don’t get duped. Check them out below.

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon “unveiled” the Dash Button yesterday, so we bought into the idea until we realized that we’re just idiots. Honestly though, this is 100% something we’d expect from Amazon who do whatever they can to have you order products from their site as often as possible.

See the full joke on the Amazon Dash here.

The Selfie Shoes

Thankfully Selfie Shoes from Miz Mooz are an April Fools joke. And that’s all we’re going to say about that. Funny enough, the Miz Mooz site is actually down right now. We’re guessing it’s because of all the people trying to access their site.

Read more on the Selfie Shoes here.

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung Galaxy Edge Blade

Samsung touts its Galaxy Edge Blade as the next big smartphone for chefs and cooks. Featuring KNOX security, users must first scan their fingerprints which will activate a safety measure that will retract the blade before it touches skin.

Check out the full description for Samsung Galaxy Edge Blade here.

PHub’s North Korean Data

Following in the footsteps of their other analytics, the web’s largest adult video site released some data on their North Korean users. The most unbelievable part is that the percentage of female viewers is less than 2%.


Domino’s chose to unveil the first ever driverless delivery vehicle on April 1st. Coincidence? We think not.

Read more on DomiNoDriver here

Google Fiber Dial Up Mode

Leave it to Google to realize that fast internet speeds have reduced the important downtime we used to use for meditation, thinking, and planning.

Read more on Google Fiber Dial Up Mode here

HTC Smart Sock

Our favorite part of the whole gimmick? “Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket or bag, simply hold your ankle next to your face.”

Read more on the HTC Smart Sock

Smartbox by Google Inbox

Google apparently tasked every one of their products to come up with their own April Fools’ Joke–which is something you can do if you’re a multi-billion company.

T-Mobile Un-Leash Your Pet

T-Mobile has gotten a lot of applause from consumers for going against the grain of big cellular companies to gain more users, but now they’re targeting animal lovers. Courtesy of “Un-Leash Your Pet,” T-Mobile will offer cellular phones to your pets for only $5.

april fools jokes

The Lickators–a British ice cream company–have come up with a fake Marshmallow ice cream popsicle that will increase the size of your ladies’ butt. “Ingredients like phytoestrogen could certainly boost hormone levels which, if the woman’s body is receptive to change, could lead to a big boost in the size of the posterior. Ice cream is cooling, so tones the skin, and the whipping cream contains valuable moisturizing properties.”

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