Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion: Must See Photos, Video Of The Empty Castle

mike tyson abandoned mansion

Mike Tyson‘s abandoned mansion in Southington, Ohio is awesome to look at. Yes, it’s depressing in that this multi-million dollar mansion that Iron Mike left behind is worth more than you’ll ever make in your entire life, but it’s always interesting to look at abandoned architecture.

This video documenting the abandoned mansion’s featuring empty tiger cages, dry swimming pools the size of a house, and mirrored jacuzzis is going viral, so you’re going to want to watch it now:

But as awesome as the video is, you’re still going to need to see the photos taken by ArchitecturalAfterlife.com‘s creator Johnny Joo. They really capture the eerie feeling an empty mansion like this can give you.

Fun fact: the current owners actually invited Johnny to the mansion before they began renovation to turn it into a church.

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