East Village Building On 7th and 2nd Avenue Explosion [VIDEOS + PHOTOS]

An East Village building on 7th Street and 2nd Avenue has reportedly collapsed after an explosion. Reports indicate that the fire is now in two buildings 125 and 123 East 2nd Avenue and that firefighters and first responders are already at the scene. Mashable reports that the FDNY told them 130 firefighters and 30 units were on the scene.

It is being called a 7 alarm fire.

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Restaurant and businesses located near the scene include Sushi Park, Pommes Frites, Enz’s Women’s Dresses, and Incredible Nail. Suspected to be a gas leak.

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There’s no word yet what caused the explosion in the first place but things look pretty grim right now. Numerous reports are coming in that people are still trapped inside the building. We’re hearing everything from 30-4o.
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An author on the scene tweeted out that the explosion blew out the entire first floor.
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Reportedly you can smell the smoke 50 blocks away in midtown.
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Here’s a view of the fire from the Williamsburg bridge. Yeesh.
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This is a developing story.

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