Browns Avoiding “Hard Knocks” Because Of Johnny Manziel


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The show Hard KnocksĀ has been one of the most popular shows to profile NFL teams in a very long time. NFL Films was hoping to get the Cleveland Browns to be on the show this year but the team has let it be known that they have no interest in doing the series because of one certain player by the name of Johnny Manziel. [lead image via Getty Images Sports / TomĀ Pennington]

The team is afraid that the reality series would bring increased attention to Manziel and more criticism that he is already under. That is probably a smart move but it would also have been a chance for Manziel to show they can get over the criticism that people lob at him on a daily basis. The Browns want to be as careful as they can with Manziel because it is very possible he will end up being their starting quarterback this season.

They need his confidence to be at an all-time level before he hits the field in 2015. If he is involved in the Hard Knocks series, it is likely that there will be some sort of conversation between coaches about Manziel that goes public and everyone spirals out of control. Manziel is a special talent but one that must be handled with kid gloves for the foreseeable future.

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