Holly Madison: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Holly Madison has had a busy week in the media, with the former “Girls Next Door” reality-show star revealing lots of Playboy secrets in a new autobiography. Down the Rabbit Hole hasn’t even been released yet, but there’s been plenty of coverage of the press release that promises tales of Holly’s deep depression at the Playboy Mansion.
The former Hooters gal still seemed to be having fun, though–and Holly’s only been getting busier since leaving the Playboy empire after breaking up with Hugh Hefner as his main girl in February 2009. The official relationship had been over for a while, but Holly’s managed to keep a real presence going. She made it to Dancing With the Stars, and is also becoming a big deal on the burlesque circuit.
We’re pretty sure that Holly is happy at last, and we’re happy to look back at the hot bod that’s given us the hottest Holly Madison pics on the internet…








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