WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel and Willie Nelson Pay Musical Tribute to Austin [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel and Willie Nelson Sing Austin Video

You can tell that doing SXSW was a big deal to Jimmy Kimmel because there was actually a rare Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a Friday night. We’re guessing that Jimmy wasn’t going to miss the chance to bring in a genuine Texas legend like Willie Nelson for his last show during the Austin, Texas event.

It also provided a nice transition from the film festival that that started the week to the music festival that began on Wednesday. We weren’t too happy with Jimmy’s non-Austin Texas outfits over the past few days, but he seemed to really be having fun – and Austin probably won’t be groaning too much that Kimmel’s musical tribute to the town is based on “To All The Girls I Loved Before.”

We know it was a hit for Willie, but the song’s square enough to have actually been written by a dad of one of The Strokes. At least Willie gets handed lots of great local references that get the natives going wild. Anyway, it’s fun, and people need to be taking SXSW less seriously, anyway….

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