True Detective Season 2: Plot Rumors, Cast, Photos

True Detective Season 2

True Detective Season 2, the follow up to the hit show on HBO, cannot come fast enough. That’s why we’re providing you with all the True Detective 2 plot rumors, cast updates, and photos we can get our hands on.

Update: True Detective Season 2 premiers 6/21/2015.

True Detective Season 2 Cast Updates:

Director Nic Pizzolato has remained pretty hush hush about the show, but we do have confirmation that Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kitsch, and Rachel McAdams are set to star in Season 2. We have also heard rumors that adult film stars Peta Jensen and Amia Miley have been added to the mix, no doubt taking part in the “deliriously vast orgy sequence involving dozens of naked bodies in Eyes Wide Shut-caliber sex antics.”

Only on HBO.

True Detective Season 2 Plot Rumors:

We’ll start with the most recent plot rumors, coming to you via

Very early on in the preparation for the second season of True Detective, Nic Pizzolatto revealed that the new season would be taking viewers into the messy quagmire that is the “the secret occult history of the United States transportation system”. Specifically, as it pertains to California and the long standing conspiracy theory that General Motors kept the state from developing a decent public transportation system so that residents would continue to have to rely on cars.

This does indeed seem to be where season 2 of True Detective is taking us. The season is due to kick off with the dead body of a corrupt politician being found along the Pacific Coast Highway with satanic symbols carved into his chest. California Highway Patrol officers Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are assigned the case.

It turns out the victim is a known associate of Vince Vaughn’s character and this dead man had a dark side involving some associations with S&M clubs – but perhaps most importantly, the man was in the middle of brokering a big deal that would solve the state’s gridlock problem.

Vince Vaughn’s character just happens to be a career criminal who is allegedly trying to turn legitimate by getting involved in this business deal of developing a high speed railway system for California and finds himself being the main suspect after his business partner turns up dead.

True Detective Season 2 Photos:

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