March Madness Live 2015: How To Watch Stream Online

NCAA Men's Final Four - Championship

Trying to watch March Madness 2015 live? Learn how to watch and stream all the games online right here. Luckily, streaming this year’s NCAA Tournament is easier than ever thanks to the March Madness Live website. [lead image via Getty Sports / Ronald Martinez]

Of course, you’re also able to watch all the games on television (split between CBS, truTV, TBS, and TNT) either at home or at the bar but getting out of class or skipping work is harder easier said than done.

How To Watch March Madness on TV

If you’re lucky enough to be sitting at home or in your room during gametime (see the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament schedule here) just turn on the television to truTV, TBS, TNT, or CBS. One of the games is bound to be playing there.

Alternatively, you could head to a bar which should be playing every game on a flatscreen. If the bar isn’t playing those games, we suggest you take your business elsewhere.

How To Stream March Madness Online

This year streaming March Madness online is very easy if you have a TV provider. Simply head and enter your TV provider username and password. You’ll then be able to watch all 67 games with no interruption.

If you don’t have a television provider, then you’ll only be able to watch the games for a certain duration of time.

How To Watch NCAA March Madness On Your Device

If you don’t have a television or computer in front of you, streaming March Madness on your device is simple. All you need to do is download the March Madness Online app for free (Google Play Store | Apple Store). You’ll still need to enter your TV provider username and password for uninterrupted access to all 67 games, and you’ll probably want to log into WiFI because there’s going to be a whole lotta data coming through.

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